Fitness Operations | Private training

Fitness Operations

Since 2016 MCFit has provided clients forward thinking solutions for creating streamlined, profitable, well recruited, mission focused fitness operations and teams.

Department logistics:

Have confidence while reviewing your existing structure or establishing everything you need from key metrics and assumptions to new product integration, design and equipment purchasing, staff development and operation best practices.

Project planning:.

Be ready to implement a focused, tangible, timed team strategy and plan for launch, and continuing to achieve long term success.

Providing Owners and Investors with real, usable insight and practical solutions to operational needs.

  • Limit wasted time and money¬† ¬†
  • Improve staff training, retention and culture.
  • Identify high value revenue streams
  • Prioritize new projects within an overall strategy
  • Optimize/Develop Operations
  • Ensure Company Values / Vision run throughout Member and Staff Experience

Personal Training

Finding the right program for you

Offering specialized programs and a mindful approach that caters to older adults seeking greater independence, improved functional mobility, and overall health and stability for everyday living.

This specialized form of personal training addresses many of the physical declines that can occur with age or due to injury (loss of balance, coordination, strength and endurance) resulting in a lower quality of life and less overall independence.

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