Marc earned his B.S. in Exercise Science from Elon College in 1999 and quickly established himself as an elite NYC trainer, working with clients in need of an educated, understanding trainer. Seeing himself as a resource rather than a gateway his clients depending on his educational training and ability to manage multiple health considerations as well as incorporating daily activities into a whole picture and plan.  This sense of duty to the client would never dissipate and anchors his approach to this day.    

Marc continues to help build businesses develop and grow working with owners and speaking with teams about customer service, sales, education, and professionalism.  Promoting the cornerstones for short and long term success.

Marc's curiosity and passion persist and have afforded him a front row seat across different fitness platforms, witnessing first hand the transformation of the fitness industry.  Taking advantage of the abundant influx of new ideas, methods and approaches to fitness, Marc continues to learn and be inspired and looks to share that passion with everyone he comes in contact with.

His unique perspective and extensive experience have made him a rarity in fitness today, a truly qualified fitness resource for fitness industry and operational needs.

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