Client Centric Private Training Approach

In 25+ years in fitness, Marc has hands on experience in pre and post Surgical / Physical Therapy, Nutritional Management, Yoga, Pilates, Sports Specific Programming.

Marc has learned from, developed and lead some of the best trainers in NYC. Winning NY Magazines' - Best Trained Trainers while VP of Training for DBG in 2008, and sitting on the Product Advisory Board for NASM in 2018.

Since 2001, Marc has been providing in home training to clients of all abilities, experience levels and ages.  The primary focus has always been on health,  providing an enjoyable, quality, and client centered workouts that deliver results.

**Due to Covid restrictions and safety concerns, One on One sessions are available through Zoom or FaceTime until further notice.**

If you have not tried one on one yet, I encourage you too.  Getting started is not as scary as you think.  Online training has allowed many people more time with guided workouts without compromising quality, increasing weekly activity and lowering their cost!

Online One on One Sessions:

  • 3x per week, 30 min sessions
  • 2x per week, 45 min sessions

Specializing in working with multiple health / medical considerations.

Call 646.784.7492 or email direct at for references, questions or to set up your consultation or first session today!



  • Standard Sessions are 60 minutes.
  • Clients are responsible for facility fees.
  • Sessions have no expiration date. 
  • Invoices for regular clients are emailed by request. 
  • Accepted Payment:  Cash, Check, or online through Zelle, Venmo or Paypal. 





  • Coordination and balance
  • Dynamic strength and power
  • Stretch, mobility and recovery
  • Muti FacetedHip / Knee Joint Replacement
  • Shoulder tears (Rotator cuff / labrum)
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Back to Fitness From Injury
  • Parkinson's / Neuromuscular Issue
  • Old injuries causing pain or discomfort.